Kings of The Kithaalian Empire

King Yulayr
Son of Faryn and Ylvia, The First King, Sovereign of Storms.
Reign: 0AE – 30AE
King Yulayr was born a slave in southern Dreadlands. At the age of 15 he escaped his captors and stowed away on a ship traveling to the continent of Grylvis. There he lived in the wilderness and over time befriended it’s Elven inhabitants, despite their strong dislike for humans. Not much is known of how Yulayr united the Elves and humans, but in doing so he formed the Kithaalian Alliance in 460BE, which would eventually become the Kithaalian Empire. 30 years later he died in his sleep, the cause unknown.
He is called The First King, although he never considered himself to be such. All portraits depict him wearing The Crown of Kithaal. The time after his reign began is referred to as After the Empire, or A.E.

King Olric
Son of Operion and Selyra, The Dragon Breaker
Reign: 45AE-67AE
Olric The Dragon Breaker was crowned King in shortly after the death of King Yulayr at the age of 44. He was a close friend and trusted adviser of King Olric during the last 15 years of his reign. Olric was known as a strong and just king, He was pertinent to the spread of the Kithaalian Empire and led the army against the ancient black dragon Taevarth in 64AE. 3 years later he began to succumb to the corruption caused by Taevarth. He was killed in 67AE by Eestin who then became the new king.

King Eestin
Son of Kilorius and Lorathyra, The Dawnbringer
Reign: 67AE-91AE
King Eestin The Dawnbringer is known for ending the life of the previous King, Olric to prevent the corruption of the black dragon Taevarth from spreading. King Eestin was a very religious king and was responsible for spreading the faith of Pelor throughout Kithaal.
He was mercilessly skinned alive by the barbarian Krummrak while on a crusade in The Dreadlands.

King Polidian
Son of Hardul and Cordiana, The Traitor King
Reign: 91AE-120AE
King Polidan was elected shortly after the butchering of King Eestin. Before becoming King he served in the Kithaalian army. Shortly after his death it was revealed that he formed The People’s Army, a rebel group with the sole purpose of overthrowing the Kithaalian Empire and establishing a new government in it’s place.
He was killed by his own son, Seridius after his council discovered his true intentions. The People’s Army was crushed soon after – it’s surviving members forming The Obsidian Hand in the guild city of Oldin.

King Seridius
Son of Polidian and Eilsaadi, The True King
Reign: 120AE-
Seridius became King after his father abandoned the throne. Shortly after, with assistance from his father’s council, he discovered the plot that his father had set into motion and had him tried and executed for treason – earning him the title of The True King for putting the needs of the Empire before his own family.

Kings of The Kithaalian Empire

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